Thought for August

“Breathe the Sweetness that Hovers in August.” – Denise Levertov

As we are entering the month of August, we begin to see changes occurring around us. When looking at the word occurring, we find the definition to be around existing, happening, taking place or under particular conditions. Change is constant and with seasons we see the changes in nature around us. The sun begins its new journey as the earth makes it move and nature begins to make its changes to adjust to the new adventures that await. How do you handle change? What is your response when change occurs around you? We at The TAJL Group are championing change as we are seeking new partners, collaborators, clients, and finding new ways to serve our communities around us. Reach out and let us help you design a plan to handle change. Learn to move into each season of your life with a plan or at least the mind set to find happiness and success on the other end of that change. Take control of occurrences as they arise and be the Champion of Change that you are! August brings in harvests in the Northern Hemisphere and new beginnings in the Southern. Find the sweetness in this month in your life and breathe in the positive aspects of August change!