Every member of our team is committed to serving all individuals with unwavering dedication. We are fueled by a shared passion to effect positive change in the lives of individuals, teams, communities, as well as educational and business organizations alike.

Jeffrey Lund

Founder; Educator, Consultant, Coach & Life Strategist

Jeffrey is an accomplished Lead Consultant, Master Certified Life Coach, and Certified Entrepreneurial MindSet Facilitator, committed to helping individuals unlock their inner potential. With an MBA and a wealth of leadership experience in education—serving as a principal, director, and teacher—and holding key positions in corporate settings, Jeffrey brings a diverse skill set to his endeavors. His focus revolves around guiding others in transforming life’s challenges into opportunities for growth.

Having successfully applied Design Thinking principles, Jeffrey pioneered the establishment of a cutting-edge Multimedia Studio and an innovative Entrepreneurial Zone within the educational landscape. These initiatives, along with college-ready programs, offer students practical, real-world applications through client-based projects and community engagement. Jeffrey’s exceptional networking skills open doors to unique opportunities in both educational and business spheres, often leading to unconventional collaborations and groundbreaking projects.

His unwavering dedication to creating authentic learning experiences for students and adults challenges conventional norms in education and business. Through his visionary approach and adherence to industry best practices, Jeffrey collaborates seamlessly with businesses, universities, and community agencies. This collaborative effort supports the development of new programs that enrich and apply education and business principles within the communities he serves.

Please visit my “International Association of Therapists” therapist site.

Michael Langford

Consultant; Hollywood Film, Media and Program Development Strategist, A Creative Force in Media Production

Michael Langford brings over 15 years of seasoned expertise to the television production industry, honed amidst the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles before transitioning to Longmont, Colorado. Throughout his dynamic career, he has made significant contributions across prestigious studios such as HBO, CBS, and NBC, earning a reputation synonymous with excellence behind the scenes.

His journey commenced with a Bachelor of Communications from Ball State University, where he nurtured his passion for digital media and photography. Michael’s career trajectory has been marked by excellence, from his early days as a camera utility at Bravo/Netflix to his role as a digital imaging technician instructor for Paramount’s “WACO” TV mini-series.

Michael’s expertise spans a diverse range of responsibilities, including the creation of online instructional videos, photographic libraries of products, and engaging content encompassing GIFs to time-lapse videos. His tenure as a professional freelance photographer and videographer at Ohello Media has seen him expertly capture the essence of special events and live productions with finesse and precision.

Beyond the camera lens, Michael’s skill set is multifaceted. He holds FAA Part 107 licensure, is a trained and certified digital imaging technician, and adeptly manages complex digital media workflows. His diverse background, including experience as a construction apprentice, real estate broker, and personal drone operator instructor, underscores his versatility and adaptability. Renowned for his creativity, resilience, and self-motivated attitude, Michael approaches every project with dedication, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. With a strong work ethic, adaptability, and a comprehensive knowledge base, Michael Langford is poised to make a lasting impact in the ever-evolving realm of media production.

Diana Gonzales

Consultant; LatinX Information Development,Business Development Strategist

Greetings, I’m Diana Gonzales, a proud Latina hailing from Colorado, with roots tracing back to Guanajuato, Mexico. Currently, I’m immersed in pursuing a degree in business administration as a full-time college student. Fluent in both English and Spanish, my aspiration is to extend my support not only to the Latinx Community but to all communities globally. Having encountered the challenges of navigating the world as a young Latina, I am driven to bring enrichment to the lives of those I encounter. My journey has led me to The TAJL Group, where I seek to unearth innovative business concepts and devise impactful solutions for others’ challenges. Despite grappling with finding my true passion in my earlier years, I’ve come to realize the profound influence I can wield in someone’s life. Through the guidance of The TAJL Group, I aim to make a meaningful difference and touch numerous lives. My ultimate goal is to empower my community, aiding them in transcending the societal barriers that constrain them, and fostering a sense of empowerment and possibility in their lives.

Jaylene Jimenez

Consultant; LatinX Entrepreneurial Course Development, LatinX Business Strategist.

Jaylene is a dynamic Entrepreneurial Course Developer, committed facilitator, and industrious business student at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her overarching aim is to educate, inspire, and empower individuals with the essential tools for success. Jaylene’s expertise lies in crafting and delivering entrepreneurial courses, specifically tailored to Spanish-speaking aspiring entrepreneurs. Additionally, she employs entrepreneurial methodologies to teach English as a second language within the Latinx community. Fueled by her fervent dedication to community enrichment, Jaylene serves as a catalyst for creating opportunities, fostering innovation, and nurturing sustainable growth.

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