Graduation Season

β€œOn a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.” – Rumi

As countless individuals receive their diplomas, marking the culmination of their educational voyage, they are granted validation to embark upon the vast sea of life. Yet, that diploma merely symbolizes a quarter of the knowledge they will amass throughout their journey. The remaining 75% is gleaned from life itself. Departing from the familiar shores of academia, these students now confront both the tranquil waters and tempests that life presents.

Armed with the wisdom acquired during their education, they chart a course into their careers and navigate the vast oceans of existence. Though the winds of change may attempt to sway them, alongside the influences of other “captains,” these recent graduates must steadfastly captain their own vessels. Vigilance is crucial, for there are those who seek to hijack their destiny and seize control of their course.

To the graduates: forge your own path upon the waves of life. Embrace the adventure that lies ahead and refuse to relinquish the helm to others. Remain true to yourselves, persevere through adversity, and seize command of your future! Congratulations and smooth sailing on your journey ahead.